Should I Collaborate with a Marketing Firm or Hire a Freelancer on Upwork?

In building your brand, you will inevitably realize at some point that you’ll need to bring in creative professionals to achieve your marketing goals. Whether it’s a campaign you’re building or a total rebrand, there are some things you simply CAN’T do inhouse, and other things that you might be able to wing, but that are better left to the professionals for truly stunning results.

So, who do you hire? And how do you hire? For many executives, it can be very, very tempting to keep the budget as low as possible for marketing initiatives, but what is the hidden cost?

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Caitlin Campbell
Stronger Together: Our Girl Tribe Collective

The idea was hatched months ago, after talking with fellow creatives in Asheville who love to co-work, but who also expressed a desire for more strategy and intention behind their decisions to lease space for their businesses.

After working in Asheville for a short time, I immediately learned how important the freelance community is here, and how much passion I have for working with independent creatives. Before long, I began to dream up the idea of creating an office for Mountain Laurel Digital-- a physical hub for professionals to develop business strategy and to serve the brands we love.

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Casey Nifong
Pairing Start-Up Journaling With Intentional Business

Do you keep a journal? I do. I write letters to myself.

When I decided to start a company last year, I knew from the beginning that it would require some kind of self reflecting platform in order to keep my thoughts clear and keep my goals for the business moving forward.

Journaling is not a new form of self reflection. In fact, there are now notebook products designed for journaling that include bullet style formats, goal tracking, daily progress documenting, and more. In my experience, though, writing letters to myself is the most effective form of self reflection. The practice tends to guide me in establishing that much needed self awareness as a business owner.

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Company UpdatesCasey Nifong
Brands That Crush SEO: REI & Etsy

Many people ask me, “So who do you think is doing SEO the best?” Well, in order to succeed in any industry, you have to be able to know who to watch and learn from. REI and Etsy have been steady strategy influencers for me throughout my SEO career. Not only are they brands that I follow on a personal level, but I love nerding out over their online consumer case studies and interface changes that directly respond to their user engagement. I’m thankful to have such awesome brands to inspire me to encourage me to try new ideas and to grow the businesses I work with in innovative, new ways.

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Networking in Asheville? Here’s Where You Should Be.

A couple of years ago I wrote an article about networking in Raleigh that amazingly became a resource for many professionals looking for new events and networking platforms. It also provided a forum for readers on  new networking groups and community events  within the reader comments.

Now that I’m in a new community of people I thought it was time to do the same here and  share a round-up of what I believe to be the best networking opportunities for marketing, advertising, and creative professionals in Asheville.

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CommunityCasey Nifong
The Why

Throughout my career in both the digital and full service agency spaces, I’ve felt my capabilities have been confined by a generic “big business” way of operating. Why couldn’t my role in marketing be more about the intricacies of my craft and creativity? As my expertise in this field continued to expand, so did a growing need to customize the very important work of search engine optimization to each of my unique clients.

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Company UpdatesCasey Nifong