Who Runs the World? Women.

We want to highlight some local women’s successes & struggles to learn how we can grow within, and beyond, the Western NC entrepreneurial community. We talked with 3 Asheville area women from a variety of industries & asked them to reflect on their experiences of imagining, building, and growing their initiatives. These are the common inspirations & wisdoms we found throughout our conversations!

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Kelli Early
In Your Peak Season? Inside Seasonal Marketing 2018

Oh, hey October! (que nervous laugh) You came fast.

Here in Asheville, the crowds are swelling with an influx of tourists who are here to enjoy autumn in the mountains. Our home city is a place with thriving tourism, hospitality, and food & bev industries, which means our commerce patterns largely dependent on seasonal changes.

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Casey Nifong
Should I Collaborate with a Marketing Firm or Hire a Freelancer on Upwork?

In building your brand, you will inevitably realize at some point that you’ll need to bring in creative professionals to achieve your marketing goals. Whether it’s a campaign you’re building or a total rebrand, there are some things you simply CAN’T do inhouse, and other things that you might be able to wing, but that are better left to the professionals for truly stunning results.

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Caitlin Campbell
The Why

Throughout my career in both the digital and full service agency spaces, I’ve felt my capabilities have been confined by a generic “big business” way of operating. Why couldn’t my role in marketing be more about the intricacies of my craft and creativity?

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