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Glyph Haus

Glyph Haus


The Goal

Glyph Haus was looking for brand clarity and targeting strategy to meet quality audiences in their first year. Our goal was to conduct audience research that introduced Glyph Haus to their ideal clients and partner personas that would inform their digital strategy and marketing plan.

Mountain Laurel Digital determined that in order to successfully differentiate Glyph Haus from other artists, and to position their services as a more commercial offering, we needed to research business owners, other established artists, hospitality managers, and interior design firms in North Carolina and surrounding cities who are in the market for a local art resource. Additionally, we researched specialty art finishing services and how other companies market those services to fine artists.



The Solution

Mountain Laurel Digital developed persona profiles for the target partners like local interior designers, hotel group owners, and fine artists then pairing this research with developing a brand message that focuses on Glyph Haus’s expertise in custom art creation. Through the findings of the research we discovered a growing market for specialty art services in hospitality and interior design businesses.

Once all our research was conducted and the marketing strategy was created, we presented everything to Glyph Haus to assess the alignment with their brand’s long-term goals and dove into the persona research to build out a specific brand position to meet each target persona’s needs in the market.

Through our research the owner of Glyph Haus designed a new site utilizing the sitemap recommendations we provided. Glyph Haus is flourishing and feeling confident with the direction of their brand because through investing in research and strategy creation they are able to have a defined path that creates long lasting relationships with all their clients and talk to their specific specialty art needs.


glyph haus
Brand Strategy and SEO
Glyph Haus


The Result

Our tailored research strategy resulted in Glyph Haus experiencing an increase in business with new partners from targeted demographics, like interior designers. After establishing brand clarity, they saw in increase in their organic search for “speciality art.”There was also an increase in new clients connecting with Glyph Haus from their Instagram content and a result of their audience better understanding their process and services as communicated on  their website and throughout their online presence. Mountain Laurel Digital’s brand and targeting strategy resulted in clarity around brand messaging, in the quality of their clients. Glyph Haus continues to create long term client relationships as a result of this work.


Mountain Laurel Digital has been instrumental in helping me get my creative business off the ground. Casey provided me with a digital roadmap for my new business that included everything from customer personas, target keywords, content strategy and suggestions to help me make my business more valuable to the community. And business aside, she is wonderful to work with. I’m looking forward to a continued relationship with Mountain Laurel Digital. I highly recommend Casey and her services.
— Niki Litts, Glyph Haus

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