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The Goal

Naba Zabih is a wedding photographer based in Vancouver, Washington, who services the Pacific Northwest region, with a special focus on Portland and the greater Oregon area. Naba’s adventurous spirit and love of nature, combined with her sheer skill, has created a signature style of magic and romance in epic outdoor settings, making Naba is the perfect photographer for destination elopements, intimate weddings, and engagements.

Mountain Laurel Digital partnered with Naba to provide short term SEO consulting and persona targeting research, with the goal of increasing her business, specifically in the cities of Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon for destination engagement, elopement and wedding photography.



The Solution

Mountain Laurel Digital conducted keyword and persona research for the online buyer journeys relating to the bridal, engagement, wedding and elopement industries in cities throughout the Pacific Northwest, near Vancouver and Portland. We conduct a competitive analysis in tandem with the keyword and persona research, which allowed us to determine how Naba differentiates herself and her services from other photographers in her niche and region.

After our initial keyword research and persona work, profiling the online search journey for brides and couples, we implemented keyword page targeting that aligned with Naba’s target audiences. Part of our strategy for increasing Naba’s visibility online was discovering and focusing on valuable bridal keywords, and tuning into the online search journeys of couples looking for Naba’s romantic outdoor experience. Once keywords were mapped on her website, we optimized her title tags and meta descriptions with geographical destination targeted based keywords.

We also wanted to provide clarity around Naba Zabih’s offered services and areas of expertise through refined on-site content and strategic metadata creation. Additionally, we optimized Naba’s Google My Business listing, enabling Naba to target more geographical areas throughout Washington and Oregon.


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The Result

As a result of our custom SEO targeting, Naba has seen an increase in non-branded keywords, both locally in Vancouver, and nationally through her partnership with Mountain Laurel Digital.

Naba Zabih has attained an increase in organic traffic, and her overall search visibility has increased due to an increase in non-branded keywords. Additionally, the site has experienced an increase in traffic to the contact and blog pages, a direct result of our SEO strategy.

Mountain Laurel Digital is proud to provide SEO services to support Naba Zabih’s growth as a leading wedding, engagement and elopement photographer in Pacific Northwest and beyond.


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Casey is one of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, it seems like meeting up with an old friend again. She’s incredibly organized and straightforward and does a great job of explaining everything in a way that the average non seo savvy person can understand! She addressed all my concerns, was honest with me about the growth of my site, and gave me clear understanding of all my options! I can’t wait to see where this business of hers takes her
— Naba Zabih, Naba Zabih Photography

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