Mountain Laurel Digital offers expert level SEO strategy, brand consulting, and market research to businesses that are ready to connect with their ideal client or customer. We provide online marketing services for small to medium sized businesses, specializing in the arts, speciality food, niche consumer products, photography, and other businesses with unique audiences.

Founded by Casey Overcash Nifong in July 2017, Casey’s knowledge of SEO stems back through her career. She discovered a new way of optimizing online content, by paying attention to the people driving consumer choices. This humanized search intent research is what makes all the difference!

Mountain Laurel Digital introduces a different approach to SEO by focusing on the “why” behind your audience's search and then creating strategies to market your product or service online by tapping into that “why.”  We refer to this as “search intent focused content planning and targeting,” a mouthful-- we know-- but it connects you with your core audiences!

 SEO Asheville

Keeping up with the ever-changing marriage between digital marketing and business growth is our passion. Through regional and national keywords research, competitive analysis, persona online targeting strategy, and on site SEO execution, we provide results for companies looking to grow their brand awareness within organic search results. 

Who do we help?

  • Business owners focused on strategic growth.
  • Those looking to make good, economic change happen in their community.
  • People looking for inspiration in their marketing initiatives.
  • Those curious about new ways of reaching their consumers.
  • Niche entrepreneurs and start-ups with a very specific clientele or consumer base.

Why do we do what we do?

  • To educate people on the ability to connect with their desired audiences through organic search.
  • To better understand the intentions of potential clients and customers.
  • To improve user experience for our clients’ consumers.
  • To build community and awareness around marketing in a more human way.
  • To inspire curiosity for the inherent power of soft skills in digital marketing.

How are we helping differently?

We are:

  • Asking
  • Listening
  • Thinking 
  • Dissecting 
  • Instigating
  • Committing
  • Engaging
  • Empowering

Follow us on our journey to humanize misunderstood, over-jargonized marketing strategy. You’ll find we’re pretty friendly and we can’t wait to hear your story.