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Connect with your customers online.

Research and analysis are core components in bringing your brand’s web presence to life, but they are truly foundational elements. What you DO with that research is what will make your website a destination for consumers.

At Mountain Laurel Digital, we offer content strategy and creation services so that your business or organization captures the attention of your consumers and followers. Our goal is to create illuminating first impressions when potential customers find their way to your site.


Foundational Brand Development and Website Content

All of the pages on your site need to provide a user experience that is informative and captivating. Your website is perhaps your biggest opportunity to speak the right language to the exact people you’re targeting. Once we know those people and what makes them tick, we can optimize the “evergreen” or permanent web content that will set the tone for your consumers.

Persona research and brand development are critical in this process. You must know your brand’s story, ethos, purpose, services, and demographic in order to convey your identity and offerings to those meeting your brand for the first time.

The experts at Mountain Laurel Digital can help you answer foundational brand development questions such as:

  • What does my brand offer?

  • Who are we?

  • Who are our core clients or customers, and what do they care about?

  • What is our brand’s mission?

  • What are our services or products?

  • What makes our brand unique?

We will work with you to craft intentional statements such as your mission, “about us” story, and your sixty second, totally captivating elevator pitch. We may also curate and organize information pertaining to your services, values, and vision.

More than likely, you’ve already established the answers to one or more of these questions. Our process will give you an opportunity to refine those answers, which will help your brand to evolve as the relevant, interesting entity that it is. Once we establish your brand’s foundational elements, we’ll be able to create authentic and compelling content that will communicate to your audience, “we know you, and we can help you!”

Content Ideation

We’ll lay out a month, 3-month, or 6 month editorial plan for use in social media, blog, and newsletters. Outlined topics will be based on what is relevant and trending in your industry and areas of expertise. We’ll take into account what makes YOU unique, so that the content highlights your company’s ability to support your customers. The target persona and keyword research will heavily influence the content ideation plan.

Blog Writing

Once we’ve understood who you are, who your consumers are, and what topics they are interested in, we can begin to create original content highlighting your brand’s relevance and expertise. By positioning you as a resource and/or source of entertainment for our targeted demographic, we will increase traffic to your site.

The beautiful thing about blog writing is that there is an element of self screening; people interested in the topics you cover will hop onto your site, and in many cases, they will be actively searching for those topics. The blog content we’ll create will be pertinent to your services, products, and/or industry, and therefore your blog readers are very likely to identify as potential consumers.

Joining in conversation and engaging in issues that matter to your consumers and potential consumers is a way to legitimize, differentiate, and win over the hearts and minds of your audience.

Content Strategy & Creation Services

Hire the researchers and strategic storytellers at Mountain Laurel Digital for foundational brand development and messaging, blog ideation and creation, brand case studies highlighting your clients’ successes, evergreen webcopy, and social media management. Inspired messaging will speak directly to the potential customers and clients you’re dying to serve.

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Caitlin Campbell

Meet the Content Strategy Partner for Mountain Laurel Digital

Caitlin Campbell is a writer and content creator with a love for mission-driven and arts-focused brands. She attended NYU and has worked as a writer and marketing professional since 2007. Throughout her career, she’s successfully built and bolstered a broad range of brands as a self-employed entrepreneur, communications expert for nonprofit organizations, and brand developer at creative agencies. She knows that great messaging can change the world, and her love of language and psychology propel her passion for creating high quality and innovative marketing strategies. She thrives off of the inherent magic in collaborating with passionate clients and innovative colleagues.