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The Goal

Biltmore Winery is an award-winning wine company founded at the historic Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The winery sought partnership with Mountain Laurel Digital with the goal of hiring the firm to conduct consumer research in order to strengthen their digital content and e-commerce strategies.

The winery and estate have an unparalleled “in person” brand experience and incredible national (and even international!) recognition. Their achilles heel, however, is in providing continuity of experiences online, and remaining agile in the face of change. Biltmore is an age-old, trusted name, whose brand equity is reliant upon centuries of masterful work. That said, modernizing, which includes speaking with younger and newer audiences, and developing cutting edge online sales and marketing strategies, does not come as easily to the brand as creating gourmet wine, and breathtaking, classical architecture!

The winery needed a stronger understanding of their target demographics, where to find these demographics online, and how to best communicate with them to entice them onsite. Mountain Laurel Digital partnered with the winery to offer fresh concepts, research-driven online marketing strategy, and implementation. Biltmore Winery’s objective in partnering with Mountain Laurel Digital was to bring clarity to their product offerings and marketing, thus creating an ideal user experience for the casual wine drinker and the connoisseur alike.



The Solution

Mountain Laurel Digital sought to humanize and modernize Biltmore Winery’s online marketing strategy. By creating target personas, Biltmore Winery now has the ability to match highly searched key terms with consumer tastes, resulting in an improved buyer journey. Given the Biltmore Estate’s national popularity, MLD wanted to bolster the winery’s visibility through branded keywords, as well as topical words to match each persona’s search intent.

MLD conducted tastings to identify consumers’ favorite characteristics on a variety of wine styles. This information informed Biltmore Winery of current market tastes, and put them on the pulse of consumer preferences, tendencies and “buzz” terms and flavors. Information gleaned from the tastings were bolstered by a survey sent to a variety of wine consumers, and helped Mountain Laurel Digital to discover the main segments of people that make up wine consumers as a whole. With these findings, MLD had the insight needed to build a targeted buyer journey.

Biltmore Winery has a growing reputation for their wine subscriptions and online offerings. Thus, in addition to the demographic research, MLD conducted competition research to audit Biltmore Winery’s position compared to their e-commerce rivals. This robust consumer and competition research provided structure and vision for Biltmore Winery’s online engagement strategy, and informed the actions needed to support the winery’s aim of retaining their loyal consumer base. The research addressed the winery’s concerns of keeping their loyalists while expanding their reach with a humanized content and SEO strategy.


Organic Traffic Increased

Organic Traffic Increase

Asheville Visitor Increased

Asheville Visitor Increased

Keywords Increased Rankings

Keywords Increased Rankings

Overall Traffic Increased

Overall Traffic Increased



The Result

By providing a clear picture of who to target (based on consumer research), Mountain Laurel Digital plans to grow Biltmore Winery into a lifestyle brand that consumers enjoy in-person and online. MLD’s continued SEO strategy for Biltmore Winery includes back end metadata work, a focus on enhancing product descriptions and how they appear in searches, and a content plan with emphasis on the interests and knowledge gaps of the winery’s consumers. Through continued market research, MLD not only identifies engagement tools for the winery’s e-commerce strategy, but also creates content ideation that targets wine experts, casual consumers, and those looking to deepen their experiences with the Biltmore brand. These improvements will help Biltmore Winery in their efforts to evolve their online marketing presence, grow online sales, and increase awareness. This will translate to better online performance in addition to more “in person” consumer experiences at the winery’s Asheville location. As Biltmore Winery goes into its 33rd year, MLD continues to conduct research to grow the Biltmore’s e-commerce presence and foster awareness of their idyllic winery location.


Mountain Laurel Digital’s SEO expertise is helping us grow by leaps and bounds pun intended! :) They know the digital marketing world like no other and their new office space in the River Arts District is awesome.

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