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Fostering the Human Connection with Market Research

We are passionate about evoking a movement amongst business leaders that values human connection. Satiate your customers. Learn their needs and desires. Provide a service that customers are already looking for, and create unique, on-the-pulse experiences for them by leveraging your understanding of who they are and what matters to them.

At Mountain Laurel Digital, we’re confident that a dedicated focus on your demographic’s culture, needs, and habits is a powerful and often overlooked element in business strategy.

Build better relationships with your people.

Understanding the folks who you serve is critical. How do you talk with your customers? How can you meet them where they are? Finding the answers to these questions will help you to create a mutually beneficial relationship with your consumers and make you indispensable.

Market research identifies your ideal customer, and discovers the gaps in services and experiences that are waiting to be uncovered within your industry, and that could potentially change the way you do business entirely.


What is market research and why do I need it?

Think beyond marketing, because market research is so much more than that. It’s the discovery of valuable insights that shape your brand’s messaging and targeting strategies. We use highly focused surveys, interviews, and other data collection techniques to understand your clients, consumers, and desired prospects.

The findings we uncover during this research has the potential to change your whole business model, how you grow your business and how you communicate your company values. It can introduce a whole new world for the business owners and c-level executives with whom we have the pleasure of working alongside.

What is competitive research?

Distinguish between customer market research and competitive market research (basically identify that you need both, they go hand in hand) Create more opportunity by discovering the needs that aren’t being met in your marketplace!

The Yin & Yang of Quantitative & Qualitative Research

Quite simply, quantitative research pertains to numbers and hard data, while qualitative research involves the thoughts, feelings, meanings associated with a “thing,” in this case-- your brand and your industry! Both are hugely important to fully understanding your demographics’ needs, habits, and consumption trends. Our research and reports encapsulate both!

Quantitative Research

  • Online surveys

  • Social media surveys

  • Competitive market auditing

  • Growth opportunity

Qualitative Research

  • In-depth interviews

  • Online focus groups

  • Consumer observation

  • Customer experience and feedback

Mountain Laurel Digital Asheville

What can you expect from our process?

Our services encompass a deep dive into your industry and customer base. We bring clarity to you and your executive team that will embolden you to build a lasting legacy of success and brand loyalty.

Our robust approach to market research includes:

  • Competitive landscape auditing

  • Keyword research and value based insights

  • Demographic identification and segmentation

  • Psychographic identification and segmentation

  • Strategic and custom approached interviews

  • Target Market Surveying

  • Business and digital strategy recommendations

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