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The comprehensive seo + Content Marketing pLAN

Our most popular service!

Ready to build long term relationships with your consumers?

This program is our most popular because it offers both technical SEO implementation and search intent strategy consulting!

You receive persona research and profiling that tailors your SEO strategy, while also educating your company on the consumer’s needs and desires as they pertains to your brand and services.

This program includes extensive keyword research, content strategy planning for search intent driven questions, content creation and on-site SEO implementation that creates an increase in your organic search presence for your target audiences.

By partnering with Mountain Laurel Digital for ongoing SEO strategy consulting and technical updates, you not only know you’re growing your consumer reach, you are developing online brand equity, creating a sense of long term reliability for your customers.


the Essentials Local SEO + Marketing PLAN

Wondering why your digital strategy isn’t working?

This service offers monthly research analysis around your target audience so that you can focus on marketing towards the consumers that need you most and are specifically looking for your services.  

The monthly program includes an analysis of your digital presence and online engagement, keyword searches in your market, and a Google Analytics review to clarify your marketing priorities. 

This program provides one-on-one consulting for your team around Google algorithm changes and technical SEO-related questions.  

By partnering with Mountain Laurel Digital for ongoing research and SEO consulting, you educate and empower your team to strategically market your business!


The Fundamentals SEO + Content MarKeting PLAN

Looking to hand off all the work involved in SEO? 

This service begins with a thorough audit and analysis, leading to an educated optimization of your site.

The program is focused solely on site improvements. This includes extensive keyword research, integrating keywords into title tags and meta descriptions, keyword mapping every page, and establishing the goal of the content on each page.

This technical implementation is perfect for local businesses looking to increase their local traffic and rankings in the organic search results, but are happy to let us handle the details throughout the process.  

By partnering with Mountain Laurel Digital for ongoing technical SEO updates, you can have peace of mind knowing that your target audiences are easily finding you in Google for the keywords that matter!


The Advanced SEO + Content Marketing Plan

Overwhelmed by your to-do list? Let’s do this together. 

This program offers a more robust approach to your SEO strategy.  If you have a website that consists of over 200+ pages and don’t know how to prioritize, but want to aggressively be seen by audiences within a short time line, this is an ideal program for you.  

If you choose this program, you receive double the work each month, meaning the on-site SEO execution and research deliverables are higher in volume so that you get the results you need for a larger site size within a shorter time frame.

This service includes extensive keyword research, content planning for search intent driven questions, on-site SEO implementation, and conversion tracking. The focus of this program is to track not only traffic and rankings, but qualified conversations through custom tracking.

By partnering with Mountain Laurel Digital for Advanced SEO, you’re investing in a quicker route to qualified conversions!


The Premium SEO + Content Marketing PLAN

Not looking to commit your life to SEO work? Let it go, we can handle it for you!

This program is ideal for enterprise level websites.

For a company with a well-sized marketing team that doesn’t know where to focus their time, this service model provides a way out of SEO’s day to day practices.

Companies of this size need their in house marketing people working on the consumer facing outlets like conferences and outbound strategies.  If you have a website that consists of over 300+ pages and you have very few SEO experts on staff, this is a great service to invest in to take your website to another level without over loading your team.

Larger sites like this require dedicated people. This program includes team content planning, consulting, search intent driven keyword consulting, on site SEO prioritizing, and Google Analytics advanced training. The goal of this program would be to increase the productivity of your in house team’s digital strategy.

By partnering with Mountain Laurel Digital for Premium SEO, you’re empowering your marketing team to advance their knowledge in SEO, and you're letting experts do the work so that your company can scale their growth!


One Time Digital Marketing Plans


Brand CLARITY Market Research And Targeting Strategy Plan

Looking for just the basics to get started?
This one-time service provides insight into your target market by creating persona profiles that are looking for your style and services.

This product includes baseline keyword research, 2 profiled personas, and a "next steps" marketing plan recommendation.

Intent Driven Content Marketing Strategy PLan

Know you need to write, but don’t have a clue what your audience is reading?
Let us produce a content plan focused on timely search intent research that supplies topic ideation for a writer, business owner or content team to execute.

This content plan includes research around topics trending in your space, keyword subject matter research, content ideation focused on target persona’s online searches, and topic headline recommendations.

Custom Plan

Whether your business is in transition or you are ready to be aggressive with your SEO initiatives, a custom program can provide a flexible option for your business needs. If none of the programs provide what you need, but you are ready to move forward with improving or starting your SEO strategy, let's discuss a custom program.


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