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The Goal

Oak and Grist Distilling Company in Black Mountain was looking for brand clarity and a targeting strategy in order to have more valuable engagement online with their target audiences. Since their opening in 2015, Oak and Grist has expanded their gin and whiskey beyond North Carolina to all over the southeast & New York. With this in mind, it was apparent that our partnership needed to focus on region-specific audience research throughout the US, in order to introduce Oak & Grist to ideal clients within their current markets.

Specific aims of our partnership included:

  • Generating an increase in organic traffic

  • Increasing search presence for non-branded & educational keywords that contribute to converting traffic

  • Creating a content strategy to better tell the Oak & Grist story

  • Generating quality target personas and matching them with highly searched keywords relevant to their buyers’ journey

  • Strengthening their brand’s overall online presence and engagement



The Solution

We began this awesome partnership with our Brand Clarity and Strategy package.

The comprehensive package includes:

  • Demographic and audience data + revelations

  • Profiles of target consumers

  • Analysis of the most popular search queries relevant to their business

  • Insight into consumers’ and followers’ needs, desires, problems, & interests

  • Competitor analysis

  • Customer interviews & consumer surveys  

  • Keyword research

  • Assessment of current website, online marketing, social media presence, and web-based engagement strategy

  • Recommendations for improvement across website, social media, and overall online marketing ideation

  • Development of branded content relevant to buyers’ journey and demographic research

  • Development of brand messages, positioning, voice, unique selling proposition, services, and process

  • Campaign and blog content ideation

  • Competitive advantage consulting

  • Identification of consumer pain points

  • Clarity on underserved markets

  • A list of recommended business partnerships in the market for branding alignment

  • A blueprint for expanding online exposure, social media presence, and to increase SEO efforts

  • Social media campaign ideas and hashtag ideation

  • Public relations, advertising, video, and engagement recommendations

Within the scope of the package, we clearly identified Oak and Grist’s value proposition in the artisan distillery marketplace. The brand is adventurous, intentional, community-minded, and incredibly high quality, so we created content and campaigns intended for the website and social media highlighting these brand attributes and values.

We also conducted a survey to gauge consumers tastes and experiential preferences for gin & whiskey. We asked consumers a variety of experiential questions to determine what keywords to target for advancing distillery education search topics.

The next order of business was to optimize the site’s title tags and meta descriptions, expand the website to include more product and region specific content, and further the blog ideation strategy.



Organic Search Increased


New York Traffic Increased


New Users Increased


National Traffic Increased


Pageviews Increased


national keywords increased ranking



The Result

Our work continues to increase organic traffic to Oak and Grist’s website from their target regions and nationally. Their search visibility continues to increase as their non-branded keywords rank, bringing more consumers with a desire for artisan spirits. Mountain Laurel Digital continues to create value for Oak & Grist through content planning & SEO monitoring.


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