Client Story




The Goal

Katie Rotanz, graphic designer and founder of Rotanz Design, was looking for a partner to help her increase business with Asheville-based clients through organic online searches.

When Katie decided to partner with the Mountain Laurel Digital team, her goal was clear: to utilize SEO research and strategies in order to identify her target demographic, and then to encourage those identified as her potential clients (and who are actively looking for her services) to land on her site. Katie has a track record of client acquisition through offline word-of-mouth referrals, and she anticipated that her strategic partnership with Mountain Laurel Digital would lead to increased online brand awareness in organic searches, as well as a more competitive presence amongst unbranded local key term searches. Essentially, Katie sought Mountain Laurel Digital’s services because she wanted her target demographic to find her using Google and then fall in love with her offerings.



The Solution

Mountain Laurel Digital developed persona profiling and a target search journey for small to medium sized business owners looking for brand and website development services in Asheville, NC. After MLD performed research and analysis, a list of valuable search terms were generated, and the Rotanz Design site underwent an “optimization makeover.” We created and updated meta tags, meta descriptions, and onsite copy to include these newly-identified valuable terms, as well as generated a blog and content plan for Katie. All of these efforts aligned with our mission to ensure that the Rotanz Design site looks trustworthy, thorough, and resourceful to Google and speaks directly to the brand’s targeted personas (aka potential clients) in the midst of their search journeys.



Organic Traffic Increase


Asheville Visitor Increased


Ranking for all local squarespace design keywords


Overall Traffic Increased



The Result

The site’s rankings continue to improve both in branded and unbranded local search terms, and most importantly, Katie is being approached online by highly qualified potential clients. Many of the people that contact Rotanz Design become valued clients.

Our strategy also included ways for Katie to position Rotanz Design as a pivotal part of the local creative community. Once the site was well positioned and optimized, it was time to create a buzz around this much-deserved one-woman design firm. We brainstormed ideas with Katie to continue building her network online and offline. Making alliances with other creative professionals and organizations continues to pay off in the form of greater brand awareness and coveted links to her site from other well-trafficked sites in the Asheville-area creative community.


Mountain Laurel Digital’s research and optimizations have improved my rankings significantly. They are extremely knowledgable in this field and do a great job of targeting your desired visitor. Using persona research, MLD focuses on quality over quantity so that the right people are visiting your website. SEO can be a complex and confusing subject and I loved how they simplified the process and made it fun! Mountain Laurel Digital was a pleasure to work with, extremely professional and passionate. Thank you!
— Katie Rotanz, Rotanz Design

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