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SEO Planning and Strategy Asheville

Make plans to shine online

Your website should be as amazing as your brand is! These days, a successful marketing plan doesn’t rely solely on your track record, abilities, and relationships, but it also depends on how you build your online presence.

That’s where our SEO planning and strategy services come in! We expertly hone in on the keywords, tactics, and tools you will need to increase your online exposure and more importantly, become relevant to the people who need to be converted into customers. We’ll elevate your web presence with a combination of cunning research, technical prowess, and an understanding of your demographic’s language and motivations!


We proudly offer the following comprehensive SEO services:

  • Keyword Research & Page Mapping: We are passionate about the artistic science of selecting the right keywords for your brand, online presence, and metadata. Keywords selection should be based on in an understanding of your consumers’ intent, competitors’ practices, normative industry language, and an understanding of your customers’ experience and feelings! Once we select the correct keywords, we will strategically weave them into your site, focusing on the user experiences of your potential customers as they search for and reach you online!

  • Writing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions: Let’s make sure your brand is on fleek when it reaches that money spot in the top spots of Google search results! What does that mean? It means that the hyperlinked descriptors on the search page need to be captivating and relevant. Your title tags and meta descriptions need to make crystal clear to the searcher that you will improve their lives and deserve their business! Your metadata (as we industry folk call it) should be laced with keywords and beckon the reader to get on your site. Let us knock this one out of the park for you!

  • Monthly Planning & Reporting: Hard work pays off, and we are huge believers in quantifying the pay off. When you partner with the techies and creatives at Mountain Laurel Digital, we’ll hold monthly states of the union so that together we can gauge the ways in which we are successfully increasing your online exposure, meeting your marketing goals, and building your brand’s equity. Planning and reporting may not sound sexy, but it’s an important part of the journey and it will show us how far we’ve come together!

  • Link Earning Strategy: When industry influencers, peer brands, and media outlets link to your site articles, you know your biz or org is crushin’ the game! Not only that, but so will Google! Having other notable websites share links to your content is the ultimate in online accomplishments because it exposes you to new audiences, establishes you as an authority, and affects your search rankings! We love working our PR, marketing, and SEO magic to get you strategically placed within other online hubs.

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