Studio Space


Welcome to our studio space.

Mountain Laurel Digital

We fancy our shared office a physical hub for us creative professionals to develop business strategy and to best serve the companies and organizations we proudly and passionately represent.

We are all #girlbosses in our own rights, dominating the techy and creative industries, and incubating marketing strategy that often involve more than just one of our areas of expertise. Our skill sets compliment each other and allow us to offer an agency-like experience to our clients, which increases the value and resourcefulness of our individual services. We believe that working communally inspires innovation. We’ve come together to be our best selves while uplifting others.

The studio space exudes fierceness, elegance, and intelligence, channeling the essence of the modern woman. The archetype of the modern female leader, in our collective vision, possess assertiveness, softness, determination, ingenuity and compassion. Modern women are leading change and growth in our society.  We want you to feel this energy (whether you’re fortunate to be female or not) when you enter our professional domain.

So Who are The Boss Babes?

Meet the band of badass professionals!

Casey Nifong

Casey Nifong

Casey is the founder of Mountain Laurel Digital, a search intent driven SEO + marketing consulting firm in Asheville, NC, offering services for organic search, content, market research & brand strategy.

Rotanz Design

Katie Rotanz

Katie is the owner of Rotanz Design, and specializes in exceptional logo, print & Squarespace website design in Asheville, NC.

Caitlin Campbell

Caitlin Campbell

Caitlin is the Content Strategy Partner to Mountain Laurel Digital, and excels as a writer and content creator with a love for mission-driven and arts-focused brands.


Karolina Drozdz

Karolina is our paid search partner at Mountain Laurel Digital. She has handled campaigns for companies of all sizes and assists clients on more strategic levels.

Where We At? Calling The River Arts District Home!

River Arts Studio

Our shared studio is located at the end of Depot Street near Penny Cup, with a large parking lot across the street, making this spot convenient and near those much-needed, good feeling art vibes.

We’re neighbors with an impressive network of artists, community leaders, and other incredible businesses in one of the most colorful yet peaceful parts of town. The River Arts District in West Asheville is a special place for creatives; it’s a place bursting with inspiration and passion.

We hope you’ll appreciate the nuance, richness, and power in creating an intentional space to foster success and longevity in Asheville’s talented network of creatives, small business owners, and dreamers.

Come visit us!