Targeting Strategy


SEO with a Human Touch

It’s typical for business owners and marketing firms to focus on algorithms, coding, and computer-generated data when developing plans to improve SEO and to optimize a brand’s online presence. The commonly held perception is that technical skills alone will achieve a brands’ SEO-related goals.

At Mountain Laurel Digital, we offer a refreshing approach to increasing your brand’s online capabilities. While we know that hard data and technical prowess are critical to a site’s ability to perform, we also understand that focusing on the lesser emphasized human element of your web presence is equally, if not more, important to the process. Focusing on the people looking for and willing to engage in your services and products will yield wonderful results, and will cultivate a strong online presence that converts increased traffic into amplified interest, awareness, and sales!

Persona Research

Our Persona Research service is a deep dive into the people that comprise your brand’s audience. By using existing data to generate a fictional but very realistic profile of your target consumers, and by analyzing the most popular search queries relevant to your business, we’ll be able to cultivate a better understanding of your consumers’ and followers’ needs, desires, problems, and interests.

This service identifies your brand’s target personas, matches them to highly searched key terms that are relevant to their buyer journey in organic search, and helps to create a content strategy that evokes emotional resonance, builds trust and loyalty, and encourages engagement with your brand amongst your target demographic.

Persona Research is the guiding force behind creating an effective and sustaining online presence. It is the bedrock on which we build ongoing content strategy and brand messaging for your audience.

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